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Hi, I am A.J. Hoge, The director of Effortless English. My English teaching has helped almost 500.000 people, learn English more quickly and more easily. That’s almost half a million people.

Today, I want to help you. And I want to talk about my Effortless English lessons. I created my Effortless English lessons to help you speak English quickly, easily and automatically. I want you to feel strong, powerful, confident and happy when you speak english. I want you to get better jobs because your english ability is excellent. I want you meet new people from different countries all around the world. I want you get everything you want by using English. That’s why I created Effortless English.

My lessons will help you speak English faster, understand faster and learn vocabulary much faster and learn grammar much better and much faster. After six months of using my lessons, you will speak english easily, quickly and automatically. Now, how can I say this? I can say this because my lessons come from the best research from the experts such Dr. James Asher, Dr. Stephen Krashen, Dr. J. Marvin Brown. Their research shows that these Effortless English methods will help you learn english 4-5 times faster and remember it much longer. And you will learn how to speak quickly, easily and automatically.

english mp3 lessons

Dr. Asher, study normal English learning and Effortless English method. He found that the Effortless methods are 4-5 times faster. And Dr. Stephen Krashen found that the students who use these methods speak faster, speak more correctly, have better grammar, have larger vocabularies and understands more quickly and easily. There are a lot of benefits when you use the Effortless English methods and Effortless English lessons.

Now, when you but these lessons, what do you get? Well, you get over thirty lessons sets. That’s sets, groups of lessons. Each set contains several audio lessons. There is a vocabulary lesson. In the vocabulary lesson, I teach you new phrases and words. These are common, useful and powerful words and phrases.

There is a mini story in each sets. Of course, these are the powerful and kind of famous listen and answer mini stories. I ask a story using a lot of questions and you answer every question. Now, these are very simple and easy questions. so don’t worry, It is a very easy lesson but very powerful. When you use these listen and answer mini stories, your speaking becomes faster and faster and faster. Also your understanding.

Each of these thirty lesson sets also has an audio article. This is very interesting article about some real topic. This is real english. It is not textbook english. And you simply just listen to it. You listen it again and again and again each day. And each day your listening improves, your vocabulary improves, your grammar improves and eventually your speaking improves too.

A lot of these lessons also have my very powerful point of view lessons. These are my grammar lessons. But you never study grammar rules, i promise. You won’t think about grammar rules. You will learn english grammar automatically and easily. You will learn how to use it correctly without thinking. You will never think about grammar rules again. And that’s fantastic. It’s more fun, It’s more easy and it is much powerful. This is the way to learn grammar. Use my point of view stories. All the more advanced lessons will include it as well. You get those too.

Finally, most of these lessons has text so if you have trouble understanding something, you can read. And that is additional, extra way to increase your understanding and learn faster. And finally, one more bonus, many of those lessons also have a bonus commentary. In the commentary I chat about the topic of the lesson and you just listen. It just an easy extra listening for you.

Using all of these lessons together each day, you will improve very very quickly, I promise. In fact, I guarantee you will. We have a very stong guarantee at Effortless English. If you use all of the lessons for six months and you are not happy, you are not satisfied we will give your Money back, you will return your money.

But I know, you will be satisfied. Because our students are successful and you also will be successful when you get the lessons now. So how can you use these lessons? How do you get them? It’s very easy. Read the article below, you will learn more and click the big red button that says “Buy The Lessons Now” you will pay using your credit card and after you pay, you will immediately get an e-mail with a link to the lessons.


You can use them right now, you click the link and download the lessons to your computer immediately, right now. So, you can start today, you can start now, learning with Effortless English. Then, you  listen to the lessons on your computer or on your ipod.

You can listen the lessons with your ipod on the bus, in the car when you are shopping, when you are at home, when you are walking, when you are exercising. It is so convenient, It is so easy. That’s why we sell them on the internet. Because it is quick, it is easy for you. So convenient. So, read this article, click the big red button, get my lessons and start today. Start improving you English speaking right now. And I will see you again. Bye bye.

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  1. Tawab on Tue, 7th Dec 2010 22:25
  2. i wish to learn english

  3. 101bilge.com on Wed, 12th Jan 2011 14:25
  4. Effortless English Lessons | Powerful English Lessons…

    Hi, I am A.J. Hoge, The director of Efforltess English. My English teaching has helped almost 500.000 people, learn English more quickly and more easily….

  5. Daoheuang on Tue, 16th Aug 2011 16:20
  6. Hi AJ! i have some problem. how can i buy your lessons if i don’t have a credit or debit card? but i have a bank account. Please help me i ‘d like to learn your lesson.

    […] This system has helped thousands of students and it can and will help you. Please read the rest of this web site to learn more about my Effortless English system and to get my Effortless English lessons. […]

  7. erdal on Sun, 30th Oct 2011 21:08
  8. I think this web site is very usefully so i want to follow the videos and all mp3. thank you already

  9. homa on Mon, 31st Oct 2011 07:20
  10. hi dear A J . I am homa from IRAN , I have M A in international law, I have started to study english for IELTS exam since 7 month ago . the common method for study in english courses is analysis method here , we used to read cambridge IELTS book and other books like vocab for IELTS and such , I passed two course (pre1 and pre2) in this condition , after that I realized that is not efficient enough . to be honest, these courses just helped me to know about IELTS structure like listening section or writhing academic format ,… but know i find that i have to change my method if i want to improve more . I m starting to follow ur advices and ur methods . I read ur article and dear abby letters , I listen every day to ur mini story , pov and ur helpful commentary with my Ipod .its odd to say that I feel that i realy improved , specialy in listening and vacab after just 2 week . . but , dear A J , u know that i live in the country which the first language is farsi , so frankly i have many problem in speaking , i know alot of vocab , alot of grammer point but i have not enough self-confidence to speak english even in free discution, please help me , i am at the total loss as to how can i overcome to this problem ?

  11. admin on Mon, 31st Oct 2011 15:50
  12. Hi Daoheuang, you can create a free paypal account and use it when you buy something on the internet safely. Click here to create your free paypal account. Or you can ask your friends to do a favor for you.You may borrow their credit card for once.

    Finally click here buy Original Effortless English lessons. By the way, Power English is the most useful lesson set for advanced English learners. Click here to learn more about Power English lessons. click here to buy Power English lessons.

  13. admin on Mon, 31st Oct 2011 16:22
  14. Hello Homa, first of all, i would like to thank you very much for your comment. Many English learners having trouble about fluent speaking. They know the grammar rules very well. Their vocabulary knowledge is enough, However they do not speak English easily. So, Effortless English lessons has created to help you, especially to improve English speaking.

    I highly reccommend you to use Effortless English 7. rule. It is “listen and answer” method and very powerful technique to develop English speaking skills and it very simple to use. In the mini story mp3 lessons, AJ Hoge asks you lots of easy questions. Answer these questions loudly and your speaking will improve soon. Remember, mini story lessons are the most important lessons in the Effortless English system. Listen to them a few times everyday. Good luck.

  15. vunnsreynich on Wed, 9th Nov 2011 01:01
  16. Hi!! A.J Hoge, I have heard from my friend that your website and your stradegies for learning english is very helpful. I have some problems about learning English, before I just memorize the vocabulary and read the novels and text books especially during my part time I learned grammer rule but when I speak with the native speaker, it’s difficult for me to listen to them. But when I learn your stradegies, I speak fast and easily to communicate with the foreigner. So thank you so much!! :-)

  17. Md. Shazedur Rahman(Rana) on Sat, 12th Nov 2011 19:59
  18. Hi!! A.j Hoge. Thanks you very much to dictate a excellence way for learning English. We have already started a local club in our town, Rangpur. Bangladesh.
    We will follow your club leadership manual. If you get any opportunity, please, come to visit our club.

  19. ali on Sat, 19th Nov 2011 13:23
  20. Hi,A J
    I found your method is very intersting and attracting method.but plz describe how we use mini story,mini story a and b. and for example are there any priority to listen to ministory a & mini story b.
    good luck

  21. admin on Sun, 20th Nov 2011 12:05
  22. Hi Ali, there are 4 levels in Original Effortless English Set. Mini story mp3 lessons are two parts (mini story a and b) in only level 1. In the other levels, there are mini story lessons as one part (not a-b).

    As you know, mini story lessons are the most important and powerful lessons in the Effortless English system. You must answer all questions loudly and you will speak English soon. By the way, there is a welcome quide in the Effortless English set. In this quide, AJ. Hoge describe exactly how to use Effortless English lessons. He say that about mini story lessons:

    Mini-Story Lessons(MP3)
    This is the most powerful lesson. First time, just listen. Then, listen and pause after each question. Answer each question loudly in English, then play again. Don’t worry if you don’t understand everything. Don’t worry about mistakes.

    In the Mini-Story, I will do only three things:
    1. I will make a statement. After a statement, just say, “Ahhhh” or “Ohhhh”.
    2. I will ask a question that you know the answer to. Just answer the question. You don’t need to answer with a sentence. You can answer with only one or two words.
    3. I will ask a question that you don’t know the answer to. Guess. Yell a guess immediately.
    Again, you can guess with just one (or a few) words.

    Saying a correct and exact answer is not important. The most important thing is speed. Try to answer very quickly (remember, one word is fine). Speed is your goal. You want short fast answers, not long answers! In the beginning, this may be difficult. That’s OK. Use your pause button.

    Listen to this lesson many times every day for at least a week. The Mini-Story is the MOST IMPORTANT LESSON in the Effortless English system. LIsten to these lessons the most.

  23. sandusit on Sun, 20th Nov 2011 16:07
  24. Hi A.J , I am never know you are whom,
    i am get U lesson set from truely way , yes i do since June to now 11-11-2011
    I have fluent to glowing and thank you so much , YOU OPEN MY EYES,
    In English have Alot Power Full and have importance formation to glow and to freedom ,
    i don’t care who are you i care only you are doing truely..!!
    Thank you..!!

  25. Anvar on Sun, 20th Nov 2011 18:25
  26. Hi Mr.Hoge. Honestly, you gave me great hope. I’m in a very difficult situation. So i wanna get some advice from you. Could you give your email address so that i can ask you a few question. Then i’m gonna buy Effortless English Lessons. Please, don’t forget my request! This determines how my life will be like in future. My future directly depends on that! I plead!!!

  27. admin on Sun, 20th Nov 2011 22:51
  28. Hi Anvar, you can send e-mail to AJ Hoge from here the official web site of Effortless English Club. In that website, Click to CONTACT page to send him your e-mails. Thanks for your comments.

  29. Anvar on Mon, 21st Nov 2011 10:26
  30. Sorry to disturb, but do you mean this address: members@effortlessenglish.org

  31. admin on Mon, 21st Nov 2011 21:45
  32. Yes, it is. Also, you can use this address: ajhoge@effortlessenglish.org

  33. sabah alany on Fri, 25th Nov 2011 19:51
  34. I am very so bad with my English learning so i need help FROM YOU BUY AND WITH MY BEST WISHES TO YOU

  35. gunel on Mon, 28th Nov 2011 12:34
  36. hi mr hoge .i liked your teaching style.very thanks .you are perfect

  37. Bushra Elnour Eltenay on Mon, 28th Nov 2011 13:28
  38. please send me the seven rules of English Course

  39. Anvar on Thu, 1st Dec 2011 18:01
  40. Hi AJ, how are you? I’m Anvar. I’m gonna buy Effortless Englisgh lessons. As you know, visa card itself has several types: visa classic, visa gold, visa platinium, visa electron and some others maybe i don’t know. I have a visa classic card. So, is it possible to buy your lessons with this type of visa card?

  41. admin on Fri, 2nd Dec 2011 09:48
  42. Hi Anvar, you can buy the lessons with your visa classic card. All sorts of visa and mastercard are acceptable.

  43. Anvar on Fri, 2nd Dec 2011 10:39
  44. Thank you very much!

  45. Ba San on Sun, 4th Dec 2011 05:47
  46. Hi A J, Its great help for the English speaking learners and thank you indeed for your lessons.
    Best regards

  47. Ajay on Sun, 4th Dec 2011 12:04
  48. I want to wait for the best offer because I can’t afford the course fee.

  49. Mehdi on Mon, 5th Dec 2011 19:54
  50. Hi , AJ
    I,m Mehdi from Iran , I want to know the best refrances book or video cd,s or … about reading, listening , grammer and American accent and tell me how can i use from these untill to speak well. thank you.

  51. Jami on Wed, 7th Dec 2011 00:27
  52. Hi Aj,

    I would like to buy your lesson , as i want to improve my speaking and writing more powerfully.by seeing comments i can make out these methord work out for me as well cause im also having speaking problem, douptimg myself whether im going to tell something is right or wrong or somewere im stucked while speaking so hesitate to speak with others.i have iphone so is it possible for me to learn these lessons directly from my iphone if so how can i do that ,please help me out.

    Thank you Mr.aj for your idiological methord.

  53. admin on Wed, 7th Dec 2011 09:09
  54. Hello Mehdi, I reccommend you to use Effortless English and Power English mp3 lessons to improve your English speaking. These lessons are very powerful and you will speak English with them.

    Also you can look at English Harmony system for listening, reading and speaking activities. I can recommend you to look at English grammar revolution lessons to improve your grammar skills. And finally American accent training is useful to improve your accent.

  55. admin on Wed, 7th Dec 2011 09:31
  56. Hi Jami, tnaks for your comments. As you know Effortless English and Power English lessons are mp3 format. So you can listen our English mp3 lessons from your iphone. First of all go to iTunes website and download iTunes software. Then, you can transfer your English mp3 lessons into your iphone from iTunes library.

  57. Mojtaba on Thu, 8th Dec 2011 15:51
  58. Dear Aj
    I am from Iran,it is near 4 weeks that I am using the effortless English
    and I am satisfied. after many years studying grammar and vocab now i find
    how I can improve my speaking ,thank you

  59. Billy on Fri, 9th Dec 2011 01:44
  60. Hello,

    I have been learning your lessons. it’s great! thanks.

  61. Dan on Sun, 11th Dec 2011 14:49
  62. I’ve been using Effortless English for quite some time now and I can see the improvement. This method of learning is really what we needed. Now I can see how useless textbooks are.

    Thanks AJ!

  63. lam on Thu, 15th Dec 2011 14:41
  64. hi AJ . I’m lam . i very happy when know your lesson . it help me study quickly and effectively . i see the Effortless English is good way to study english . i can see it make me improve my english ability . .

  65. Asmatullah on Sat, 17th Dec 2011 10:13
  66. Hi AJ . I your good fan I am from Pakistan I am enjoying your lessong of your English grammer.

  67. Ruben on Mon, 19th Dec 2011 04:38
  68. I,m from Mexico, I would like to learn english with your metod, but I do not how can I buy it, can you help me???.

  69. admin on Mon, 19th Dec 2011 11:12
  70. Hi Ruben, first of all, you should decide which lesson set will you buy. You can buy Original Effortless English lessons if your level is intermediate. If your English level is intermediate or above (for example upper intermediate and advanced) you can buy Power English Set.

    Finally click here to watch AJ Hoge video and learn how to buy and downlaod Effortless English and Power English lessons.

  71. mohamed on Wed, 4th Jan 2012 12:41
  72. hi Aj, kindly tell me how much can i get your complete all 5 levels course
    including business, real english …etc
    thx so much

  73. admin on Wed, 4th Jan 2012 13:54
  74. Hi Mohamed, AJ Hoge sells these English course sets separately. So you can buy them one by one. I reccommed you to buy Original Effortless English and Power English Set first.

  75. haxuantien on Wed, 4th Jan 2012 15:12
  76. Hi everyone,
    in fact, I feel very exciting and happy when I found this website on the internet.
    I apply this method to learn English, and I am so surprised when I can learn English very very fast. I have learned English for 10 years but I couldn’t speak English fluently. I wish that I could learn it and I found this method, I love it.
    Thank for your sharing.
    I always make friends with everyone.
    I hope that I can speak English after 5 months.

  77. Isabel on Thu, 5th Jan 2012 23:53
  78. can you acept debit card. i don´t like credit card. I need to emprove my English. i have tried to sigh up in this program but it is difficult.

  79. A. El Sharif on Sat, 7th Jan 2012 12:47
  80. Hi, A J
    Happy Greetings to your honor from the heart of Africa (Sudan)
    What an idea to start promote your brand name the beautiful brand name :
    Effortless English Learning Lessons.
    Iam an instructor and facilitator of ELT-EFL-ESL looking for new cure and medicine to fix the problems of learning a PERFECT STANDARD ENGLISH
    THE WAY YOU PRESENT YOUR IDEAS AND VISION from my side I think for real
    this is the smat vision to do the job.
    Please accept my efforts to promote your promising cure to fix the problems
    and difficulties facing the learning of Modern English Language.
    Stay healthy with a lot of peace of mind

  81. alireza on Tue, 10th Jan 2012 18:32
  82. itis agood metod i want to help you that i learn engilish

  83. farnaz on Wed, 11th Jan 2012 18:41
  84. I want to learn speak english easily

  85. haupham on Thu, 12th Jan 2012 08:18
  86. hi everybody! i’m from vietnam! i known this program from my friend, but now i don’t known where buy it . if anyone known, please help me. Thanks you so much!

  87. admin on Thu, 12th Jan 2012 23:49
  88. Hi haupham, you can buy Effortless English program from Effortless English Club official web site. Click here to view more details about Power English Lessons. And click here to learn how to download Effortless English lessons.

  89. farnaz on Tue, 17th Jan 2012 11:06
  90. Hi AJ. I am from Iran.It was just a dream to found you and your method of learning in such a limited country like Iran,but I found you completely by accident, I studied hurd for my IELTS exam and one day one of my colleagues introduaced effortless english to me.this method really really really helped me to solve lots of my problems.I just wanna thank you beyond my heart.and i have a question ,how can I buy the latest lessons if i don’t have any international credit card?oh,and another thing,you have a rally friendly voice,and in my opinion this is one of the important point for student.when you talk its just like you say “don’t worry,i am and i will be with you to the end!” thank you again. :-)

  91. admin on Tue, 17th Jan 2012 12:49
  92. Hi farnaz, first of all i would like to thank you for your positive comments. As i understand you can not use credit card or paypal account from Iran. I’ve searched on google about it a little bit and found something called Iran Virtual Credit Card (Iran Vcc). I thought it can be a solution for you. Click here to chect it out.

  93. BEHAILU ESHETE on Sat, 28th Jan 2012 17:33

  95. mohamed on Fri, 3rd Feb 2012 16:07
  96. hi i am mohamed first i would like to learn ENGLISH how we can help me

  97. ehsan on Sun, 5th Feb 2012 07:34
  98. hello A.J.
    I am at the level 2 of your lessons. thanks alot.

  99. kainat ali on Sun, 5th Feb 2012 17:40
  100. hi, i wanna leaner English plz plz plz helpe me
    i need your help plz plz plz help me help me help me

  101. sarah on Tue, 7th Feb 2012 19:30
  102. really i want to learn english, help me too plz

  103. abdullah on Wed, 8th Feb 2012 16:47
  104. Hi A J
    new website is very nice

  105. hao on Fri, 10th Feb 2012 17:12
  106. Dear,MR AJ.Hoge. iam hao i come from vietnam. Iam very happy when i know your method. i would like to buy your lesson? i donot have credit card, t debit card, visa , master card, american express card, but i have count in bank? can you show me how to get your lesson. thanks so much!

  107. santosh kumar rathi on Sat, 11th Feb 2012 05:10
  108. I am hindi language person, so i want how leran english with fuleancy and where begaining started leran…………..(mathed)

  109. abdalla on Sat, 11th Feb 2012 13:23
  110. HiIJ iwant tolearn english esay

  111. abdalla on Sat, 11th Feb 2012 13:45
  112. ilove this langu but my jop tack all my time am a csitingto learn english

  113. belalsaber on Sun, 26th Feb 2012 14:52
  114. i want to help me that how i can learn english correctly thanks

  115. zeinab Jafari on Mon, 27th Feb 2012 07:29
  116. Hi, I I thank you for this learning method. I want these lessons. Please send them for me. Thank you.

  117. Farnaz on Tue, 28th Feb 2012 04:48
  118. I want to learn English in a correct way,Please help me

  119. Brave on Mon, 5th Mar 2012 06:18
  120. Thanks to the American Accent Lesson .It’s really helpful to improve me in correct way.

  121. Brave on Mon, 5th Mar 2012 06:23
  122. I have studied American Literature at my postgraduation level.I love English and is very uch interested to learn it.

  123. admin on Mon, 5th Mar 2012 08:50
  124. Hi Brave, the American Accent lessons are very useful for intermediate and advanced English learners.

  125. shash on Mon, 5th Mar 2012 23:45
  126. thank you

  127. MINA on Thu, 22nd Mar 2012 12:01

  129. shahid hussain bangash on Thu, 22nd Mar 2012 18:30
  130. thanx

  131. mughees ali on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 04:33
  132. thanks very much

  133. nick on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 09:50
  134. My pocket as poor as my english, so I can’t pay for it, what should I do ?

  135. Mom Lei on Mon, 26th Mar 2012 06:32
  136. i am very very to learn English you .

  137. Jacob on Tue, 27th Mar 2012 05:47
  138. Hi A.J
    I have to memorizes a lot of vocabularies and learn text books at school.Our teachers teaches English based on analytic and text books based methods.I have been learning English for about 12 years since English is a compulsory subject in out education system.It is a long time but i find myself I still weak in English.especially in speaking.I have never thought that our way to learn English is totally ineffective. When I knew the way you teach English,I thought that I found the golden key to master my English.Thanks you and it is sure that I will thank you forever.Your are a life saver for me.I will follow your teaching until I have a good command in English.
    A guy form Myanmar.

  139. admin on Tue, 27th Mar 2012 07:44
  140. Hi Jacob, thanks for your good comment. AJ Hoge has been helping a lot of people to improve their English speaking. And that’s really great…

  141. rahmat on Tue, 27th Mar 2012 12:40
  142. hi

  143. i want to learn english on Wed, 28th Mar 2012 05:34
  144. Your research will definitely help how to improve English and your effortless English course is effective as it provides learning English by voice, also your short stories give much better practice in learning English better.

  145. Daemon Hunter on Fri, 30th Mar 2012 12:22
  146. Hi AJ! I’m from Myanmar(Burma). and I don’t think so u will know it ! First of all, I wanna confess you because our country is under developed country. So I can’t afford to buy your learning tutorial on online . But … fortunately ,, I can buy your Lessons in my country as a reasonable prize So I can learn your lessons successfully and perfectly. I do know it is illegal to do like that but I couldn’t . So pls forgive me and I really really thanks to you for everything.! Bye Bye..!

  147. D. Fares Alazzawi on Sun, 1st Apr 2012 19:06
  148. Thaks very much AJ iam very happy for your english lessons, really they are interesting and useful but they are required patient to be fit . iam gonna to be a good student in AJS class
    D. Fares Alazzawi
    assistant professer in islamic politics

  149. andy on Sat, 7th Apr 2012 09:30
  150. i want learn say and listen englis now and i bought vip meber today. can u show more about you. thank

  151. emanooel on Sun, 8th Apr 2012 09:42
  152. hello dear AJ can’t check my email,so excuse me if i answer you late.i want to ask you some questions.first of all i’m going to ask you about effortless english’s levels.i want to know how many levels does it have?and my next question is:you speak english in effortless english and my language is persian and if i don’t understand what you say , how do i learn english with your method?and please explain me your method again.thank you very much and sorry to bother you.
    bye bye

  153. admin on Mon, 9th Apr 2012 08:30
  154. Hello emanooel, AJ Hoge is a really bussy man so i think he couldn’t find enough time to answer your questions. As for your question about Effortless English levels. Original Effortless English lesson set has 4 levels which includes 39 lesson sets total. However Power English has no any level but there are 30 lesson set (all of them for intermediate-advanced learners).

    In order to improve your English, you should understand what you listen. So if you don’t understand %80 of AJ Hoge speach, Effortless English is not suitable for you. You must find easier lessons to listen. AJ Hoge created Effortless English lessons to help people who can understand what they read and listen basic english but don’t speak fluently.

    You can review 7 rules of Effortless English to learn more about Effortless English method.

  155. emanooel on Mon, 9th Apr 2012 12:11
  156. so if i cannot speak fluently,why did you write YOU CAN SPEAK EASILY ENGLISH in your website?????
    thank you anyway

  157. admin on Mon, 9th Apr 2012 14:23
  158. Dear emanooel, if you study Effortless English by listening mp3 mini story lessons and answer easy questions loudly, you will speak English easily in 6 months or less.

  159. alan on Mon, 9th Apr 2012 18:54
  160. hi,i want someone to help me,or just tell me how can i improve my english?

  161. admin on Mon, 9th Apr 2012 21:44
  162. Hi alan, you can improve your English easily and fast by learning very powerful 7 rules of Effortless English. Click here to view Effortless English rules. Also you can download some free english lessons from our free-download page. I higly reccommed Effortelss English & Power English lessons for you to improve your English speaking.

  163. emanooel on Tue, 10th Apr 2012 11:40
  164. thank you thank you THANK YOU THANK YOU VERY MUCH

  165. rami on Thu, 12th Apr 2012 17:01
  166. Hi every body
    I from syria, and I need to connect with any one because I want to make friends to help them for solve thier problems and help me to solve my problmes.
    How can I connect with you .
    thankyou alot .

  167. hamed on Fri, 13th Apr 2012 16:36
  168. hi mr a.j i started learn english whit method you this method is very very efective i enjoyed but hi have a problem , i can not learn Grammatical times .What should I do. thanks a lot my Friend

  169. admin on Fri, 13th Apr 2012 23:10
  170. Hi hamed, you should use Effortless English 5. rule to improve your grammar. Point of view lessons are very powerful to learn English grammar automatically. Click here to watch AJ Hoge video for Point of View method.

  171. Mourad on Sun, 15th Apr 2012 16:57
  172. hello I study English here in my contry and I hope to speak it corect and cuikly so I need your help to emprove my languege becouse I read your lesons and I liked them very match by the way I’m Mourad from algeria
    thanks a lot for your attention and take care

  173. emanooel on Mon, 16th Apr 2012 15:52
  174. hello again.
    finally i bought your EFFORTLESS ENGLISH. it’s very good.thank you.
    i want to ask you a question.what is the first lesson and first level’s name in EFFORTLESS ENGLISH? please answer me soon.because i want to continue to listen to it?and my next question is:is it audio or video?
    thank you bye

  175. amir on Mon, 16th Apr 2012 17:19
  176. hey buddy. I wanna know how to understand a long conversation at once provided being able to answer the questions of the speech

  177. admin on Mon, 16th Apr 2012 21:17
  178. Hello emanooel, Original Effortless English lessons has 4 levels. The fist lesson’s name is “The day for the death”. All lessons are mp3 audio files, there is no video in the Original Effortless English lessons. Click here to view AJ Hoge video to see some of the lessons name, and learn hot to download them after the purchase.

    By the way, Power English lessons are different from Original Effortless English and there are a few video lessons in it.

  179. admin on Mon, 16th Apr 2012 21:19
  180. Hi amir, you should use the listen and answer mini story lessons to learn speaking English automatically.

  181. emanooel on Tue, 17th Apr 2012 18:26
  182. hello.thank you for your answer.what is first level’s name?is it flow english?

  183. admin on Wed, 18th Apr 2012 08:03
  184. Hello emanooel, Flow English is not a level of Efforltess English. It is a different lesson set which produced by AJ Hoge and his friend Chris Moses. Click here to view more information about Flow English.

    However, Flow English is not powerful as well as Original Effortless English and Power English. So i recommend you to use firstly Effortless English and Power English lessons.

  185. emanooel on Wed, 18th Apr 2012 20:02
  186. hello again. and thank you for your answer.I AM SORRY but i must ask you another thing.and it is:
    please answer me because i need to know the answer of this question.
    thank you thank you

  187. admin on Thu, 19th Apr 2012 09:31
  188. Hi emanooel, in 89. comment above, you said that “finally i bought your EFFORTLESS ENGLISH” So, you should have seen all of the lessons. And you should begin to study from the first lesson, then keep going one by one.

  189. emanooel on Thu, 19th Apr 2012 09:59
  190. dear A J
    i said i bought effortless english.but not from you. i bought it from a store in my country.but UNFORTUNATELY lessons are not in order in it.PLEASE write the list of your lessons in this page.OK?
    thank you very very very much

  191. admin on Thu, 19th Apr 2012 12:25
  192. Dear emanooel, unfortunately you bought an illegal copy of Effortless English. This is injustice against AJ Hoge. Please inform AJ Hoge (ajhoge@effortlessenglish.org) about the seller so that AJ takes legal action against the seller. Everyone should respect AJ Hoge’s toil.

    So, i can’t help you anymore, you should buy the lessons from Effortless English official website.

  193. SOHRAB on Thu, 19th Apr 2012 16:32

  195. MAHYAR on Sat, 21st Apr 2012 04:35
  196. Dear admin. unfortunately effortlessenglish lessons are for the sale in many countries or even in some websites for free to download!!!
    this is happening specially in the middle east .i can just say this is not that we want . i recommend to not accept any comment before confirmation .

  197. undraaa on Sat, 21st Apr 2012 14:32
  198. hi everyone I live in Mongolia. I have learned for 8 years. but I can’t speak very well. I don’t know HOW TO USE GRAMMAR CORRECTLY. So help me!!!!

  199. Mohammad on Sun, 22nd Apr 2012 13:07
  200. hello
    thank you for helping us to learn english
    In the first line of your text the word “efforltees” is wrong you should write “effortless”
    mohammad from IRAN

  201. admin on Tue, 24th Apr 2012 08:06
  202. Hi undraaa, you should listen Point of View stories to use grammar correctly and automatically. Click here to watch AJ Hoge’s video for Effortless English 5.rule to learn much about Point of View mini stories.

  203. undraaa on Tue, 1st May 2012 12:03
  204. hi AJ how to buy lesson????

  205. admin on Wed, 2nd May 2012 07:51
  206. Hi undraaa, you should pay 97 usd for the lessons first. You can use your credit card or paypal account to make payment. You will receive an e-mail (contains a link to download the lessons) from Effortless English after the payment. Click here to watch AJ Hoge video to learn how to download Effortless English lessons.

  207. elhem on Sat, 5th May 2012 18:53
  208. hi my name is elhem ghazel i from tunsia north africa i’m 15 yeras old i have many friends and i love them so much my dream is go to U.S.A and see the reall world there but i ca’t speak english fluently the next year i’m gonna pass contest in my contry i wish succed it so please help me =)

  209. hao on Wed, 9th May 2012 05:51
  210. Hi AJ. Hoge i have some proplem with effortless lesson? iam learning english everyday, and i learn part II. In ministories you said that: i must pause the botton and repeat each sentences until i can tell stories . which story i must tell? in ministory or in article text? can you help me? what do you think if i listening one lesson in many week ?is this good for me? thankss? i hope you will reply soon for me? thankss so much? have a nice day

  211. hao on Wed, 9th May 2012 05:59
  212. HI AJ .Hoge .iam learning effortless english . i have a proplem. can you help me? iam learning part II. it seem difficult part 1 . i must to tell the story in ministory or in article text? please tell for me! and what do you think if i listen one lesson in many week ? is this good for me? please me soon? thanks so much? have a nice day!

  213. admin on Wed, 9th May 2012 07:36
  214. Hi hao, you should answer all AJ Hoge’s questions out loud in mini story lessons. AJ Hoge gives you some space for you to answer them, however if you need more space, you can push the pause button and answer the questions. You don’t have to listen main article audio a lot. Instead you should focus on listen and answer mini story mp3 lessons. This is very powerful way to learn English speaking. Click here to watch AJ Hoge video about this method.

    Finally, you should listen each lesson set for one week at least. Or you can listen the same lesson more than one week. In order to understand and speak English automatically, you must go slowly and learn deeply. You need to listen the same lesson again and again. Repetition is the key to learn English speaking fluently. Click here to watch AJ Hoge video for Effortless English rule number 4 (Deep English learning).

  215. Chiefomi on Fri, 11th May 2012 12:59
  216. Hello Sir, how do I get a copy of your Power English. I’m in Nigeria and I need it urgently. Please.

  217. admin on Fri, 11th May 2012 14:38
  218. Hello Chiefomi, you should visit Effortless English (Power English) official website first. And click here to buy Power English lessons. After you make payment you can download copy of Power English lessons. Click here to watch AJ Hoge video to see how to download the lessons after the payment.

  219. Behrooz on Wed, 16th May 2012 14:00
  220. Hi
    my confident is too weak and i want to speak so easily .
    please tell me how i can improve my confident.

  221. sirac on Wed, 16th May 2012 18:07
  222. Hi

    Today I bought VIP course and you sent me an email that is about Purchase confirmation but I can not take any confirmation email from you. Please help me for this problem. Could you please send a lecture ?

    Best Regards


  223. admin on Thu, 17th May 2012 15:04
  224. Hi Behrooz, i recommend for you to use Power English lessons to improve your confident.

  225. admin on Thu, 17th May 2012 15:07
  226. Hi sirac, please contact to Effortless English about your problem. You can use this e-mail: ajhoge@effortlessenglish.org and they will help you.

  227. mourad on Mon, 21st May 2012 23:55
  228. i want to speak english very well

  229. hao on Tue, 22nd May 2012 08:33
  230. Hi, AJ. Hoge, How are you today? iam learning original effortless english with your method. Iam very happy. I listen it again and again every day in one week for one lesson. i realize i can tell the stories fluently ? i want to ask you. In one week i can tell the stories fluently with myself, can i changes the next lesson? and when i can tell the stories? Does this prove my english is improved? and when i finished original english ? can i use power effortless english? Thankssss so much!!!!!!!!!
    Have a nice day!

  231. admin on Tue, 22nd May 2012 08:51
  232. Hi Hao, AJ Hoge recommends to study the same lesson set for one week. After that, you can study the next lesson set. However repetition is very important to understand and speak English instantly. Click here to watch AJ Hoge video for Rule 4 to learn more details.

    You will improve your English speaking when you answer all questions in mini story lessons quickly. Remember, listen and answer mini story lessons the most powerful lessons in the Effortless English system. And of course, you can use Power English lessons after you finish the Original Effortless English. Have a great days, bye.

  233. hao on Thu, 31st May 2012 08:18
  234. Hi? MR AJ. Hoge. i am very happy when i learn English with your method. But i have some proplem want to ask you. I bought Original effortless english. i donot know you create Power effortless english. Whta the diffirent between ORIGinal effortless english and Power Effortless english. ANd how long time can i finish original to start POwer effortless english . ANd can i learn both of effortless english at the same time? How much for Power effortless english ? AND to be a native speaker i have to learn both original efffortless english and Power english . Or can i choose one kind of effort? Please help me? Thanks

  235. admin on Fri, 1st Jun 2012 07:06
  236. Hi hao, AJ Hoge recommends both of Original English and Power English lesson sets. So you should study Original English lessons for 6 months. After you finish to study Original Effortless English you can go ahead Power English next. You should study your lessons two hours each day. You will speak English easily and automatically soon.

  237. G.JEYAMATHY on Fri, 1st Jun 2012 12:50

  239. Qesma on Tue, 5th Jun 2012 09:44
  240. i want to buy but I have no international card Iam in KSA plz how can I buy

  241. admin on Tue, 5th Jun 2012 15:03
  242. Hello Qesma, you should have a credit card to buy the lessons. Also, you can use paypal or Google checkout to buy them.

  243. shohreh on Fri, 8th Jun 2012 10:51
  244. hi i hope learn english best. i need to undrest and speak english

  245. rez@@@@@@@@ on Mon, 11th Jun 2012 17:44
  246. hi dear a.j ur lessons r really powerful & interesting,but i have a problem,i can understand what u say,but cant understand what ur friends in learn real English say,they reallllllly speak fast!!!!& it’s reallllllllly hard 2 understand em?plz help me

  247. ananda raj jaishy (giri) on Fri, 22nd Jun 2012 01:05
  248. its very interesting to learn this system of english, i want to buy this plz inform me how could we get this.
    thank you.

  249. admin on Sun, 24th Jun 2012 07:55
  250. Hello ananda raj jaishy, click here to learn how to get Effortless English lessons.

  251. Nazeer on Mon, 23rd Jul 2012 09:35
  252. Hi, AJ I’m learning with your methods and I want to say to you thank you

  253. sudhirkumar on Sun, 29th Jul 2012 05:29
  254. good morning sir my name is sudhir sir, please i need you are Effortless English CD. sir i did have any card to bring your Effortless English CD. please help me sir, while sending me by postal. from this Address’s send my mail

  255. admin on Mon, 30th Jul 2012 13:39
  256. Hi sudhirkumar, you should have a credit card to get the Effortless English lessons. Click here to view more details.

  257. meo con on Sun, 19th Aug 2012 11:59
  258. so crazy !!!! and fun hehehe

  259. hao on Mon, 20th Aug 2012 01:14
  260. Hi AJ Hoge. How are you today? iam really happy when i know your method. iam learning original effortless english. it is so great! iam very happy but i have some proplem. i have studied original effortless english in six month but i havenot finished yet. i want to ask? now can i study power english when i havenot finish original effortless english ? flow english and business english in your effortless english system, doesnot it? if i listen power english 5 hours in sixmonths, ican speak english as a native speaker?can you tell me the diffirent between Power english and original english? thankss so much.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  261. hao on Mon, 20th Aug 2012 14:42
  262. Hi Aj Hoge. can you help me? now i have original effortless english and power english? i want to ask can i learn original and power ful english at the same time? for example in one week can i stided one lesson of original and nextweek can i learn one lesson of power english? i konw your dvd have flow english and real english ? i have to use all of them to become native speaker ?thanks so much!!!!!!!!!

  263. admin on Wed, 22nd Aug 2012 15:32
  264. Hi Hao, you can study Power English lessons. But you should listen one lesson set for one week. And you should answer all AJ Hoge questions out loud. You will speak English automatically ffter finished the full set of lessons. There is not a big different between Original Effortless English and Power English.

  265. admin on Wed, 22nd Aug 2012 15:33
  266. Hi Hao, you had better to go one by one in the same set.

  267. hao on Thu, 23rd Aug 2012 02:43
  268. Mr. AJ it mean. i can study power english when i havenot finish original english ? can you recommend for me? should i finish original effortless english after that i should learn power effortless english. how long time for me to finish both original effortless english and power english

  269. admin on Thu, 23rd Aug 2012 09:02
  270. Hello Hao, you should finish Original Effortless English and after that you can begin to start power English lessons.

  271. venkata ramana on Fri, 31st Aug 2012 06:23
  272. how many months i have to pay 37 dollors per month, total course duration.

  273. admin on Fri, 31st Aug 2012 09:43
  274. Hi venkata ramana, i think you wanted to ask about Effortless English VIP program. But i don’t know exactly how many months it will long. You can ask it to Effortless English official website.

    However i highly reccommend you to use Power English Program. The price is 97 dollars (one time payment). And it contains 32 lesson sets and special video bonuses.

  275. assia on Sun, 2nd Sep 2012 14:13
  276. Hi AJ. I am Assia from Algeria. i like so much your method to teach english and I want to buy your lessons but i have a problem. I can not use credit card or paypal account from Algeria. So, how can i do ? help me, please .
    Thank you

  277. becir on Tue, 4th Sep 2012 08:25
  278. i want to download your leesons and audio records. how can i do it?

  279. admin on Tue, 4th Sep 2012 09:48
  280. Hi becir, click here to watch how to download Effortless English and Power English lessons.

  281. Jose Zeu Micolo on Thu, 13th Sep 2012 11:19
  282. I think this is just what the doctor ordered

  283. javed on Thu, 13th Sep 2012 17:39
  284. hi
    i want to speak english very well.plz give me some trick ..i will be very thank full from you

  285. mirza hussain on Sun, 16th Sep 2012 01:47
  286. thanks aj i learn very much english in less time i am from afghanistan but mr.aj i need a certificate from u course please email me

  287. surendra on Sun, 14th Oct 2012 20:48
  288. hi, i want to know from which place in india can i get the power english material. Regards

  289. admin on Mon, 15th Oct 2012 08:45
  290. Hi surendra, Effortless English lessons are digital, so you can only get them from effortlessenglishclub.com

  291. Lalit Kishore Takri on Mon, 28th Jan 2013 15:42
  292. I want to get Effortless lessons,but I want to know how much I’ve to pay in Indian currency.

  293. admin on Mon, 28th Jan 2013 16:40
  294. Hi Lalit Kishore Takri, Effortless English course price is 97 usd. And 1 usd is 53.9956803 Indian rupees.

  295. Celestino Goncalves on Fri, 1st Feb 2013 04:57
  296. hi to all, i`m from Timor Leste. i would like to ask about my english knowledge isn`t fluent. plese help me……thanks to all

  297. Sokheng on Fri, 1st Feb 2013 09:38
  298. I wanna speak, listen and write much confidently

  299. Gatot Santosa on Fri, 1st Feb 2013 14:50
  300. i can speak english very well but my listening skill is still low. how to improve it, i want to stay in an english speaking country but i have job to teach english at high school.

  301. kianoosh on Thu, 7th Feb 2013 15:42
  302. I am use your lessons for one week but i cant find improving speak English . help me

  303. admin on Thu, 7th Feb 2013 15:52
  304. Hi kianoosh, one week is a really short time to improve your English speaking. You should keep listening Effortless English lessons and soon you will realise improvement. You should listen each lesson set for one week at least and you should answer every questions out loud in the mini story lessons.

  305. carlos on Tue, 19th Feb 2013 14:39
  306. I’m a 70 year old volunteer English teacher retired man.
    I teach English for needy adults and children of my community.
    I see many English students confused regarding the English learning when actually there is just one way to achieve their goals: speaking and listening.
    Students have to find out a way to speak, to express their ideas in English and watch tv, for instance. There is no other way.
    The good solution is to avoid dispersion. I repeat to avoid dispersion.
    I’ve used Google Translate a lot during my past studies but we have to consider it is not an accurate device. At he very moment I’ve decided to hire a native tutor within 6 months I was dominating all the topics of a conversation.
    I do not know Roger’s method and I’m not here to advertise his program but I think it is worth while to look at it and decide about its purchase.
    The key of success is determination, courage, commitment, will. Time passes by fast and there is no room for indecision.
    We have to put in mind that we were born to succeed. Say no to all kind of discouragement.
    Actually it is not easy to master a foreign language out of the country where it is spoken but are we going to get still because of that? So,go ahead, you that are probably reading this message.
    Your victory will be mine because realize that happy are those who look at the others with God’s look.
    I go once a week to hold a conversation with my American native tutor. I can understand him perfectly and as he is 86 years old we can take advantage of our experience to chat about everything, politics, economics, history, the corrupt policy of the politicians, religion, the level of the studies in several countries, the lack of leisure to the poor people, the desagregation of the families nowadays, the lack of respect of the children regarding their parents, the use of the faith to make money, how to improve our self-esteem an take care of our health,the relationship between teachers and students, and so forth.
    But don’t think that I’ve stopped learning. No way. I continue on studying at home. I have an English library worthy of respect.
    And of course when I travel to Europe with along my wife and grown children I unload my English to my personal satisfaction and intellectual delight.
    Sorry to be long winded. I take profit of this message to wish to all of you all the best in all your endeavors in the future.
    Be in God.
    carlos araujo
    Recife Brazil

  307. admin on Tue, 19th Feb 2013 16:42
  308. Hi Carlos, thanks for sharing your comments wiht us.

  309. chimgee on Wed, 20th Feb 2013 07:32
  310. hi.all. i talk from mongolia. and i dont speak in english. i need talking english person. so you help me.you sent mail to my email addrees.

    […] our Effortless English method we call that the seven rules of excellent English speaking. That’s our engine of Effortless […]

  311. Nazmul arfin on Fri, 22nd Feb 2013 09:55
  312. I want to speak English in full swing

    […] short answer is no. In general and in the Effortless English system, you do not force yourself to do anything. You know, In English learning especially, there are kind […]

  313. alamgirkhan on Sat, 9th Mar 2013 18:20
  314. hi

  315. jazz on Wed, 27th Mar 2013 05:26
  316. i want to learn speak english

  317. Puneet Kumar Singh on Sun, 31st Mar 2013 15:11
  318. i want to speak english

  319. muztaph on Fri, 12th Apr 2013 00:49
  320. hi dear i am from Djibouti i want to speak fluently English
    i need help to easy way study English


  321. Hacene.h on Fri, 12th Apr 2013 08:06
  322. I want to speaker english

  323. himanshi on Mon, 15th Apr 2013 15:17
  324. i wish to learn it…

  325. NANDHINI on Wed, 24th Apr 2013 08:14

  327. ashok kumar on Sun, 5th May 2013 07:06
  328. I want to speak english fluently

  329. flo-flonq on Fri, 10th May 2013 07:53
  330. hi… even i didn’t hear how you speak in English ,..i just want you to know that I’m very thankful in this website that their lots of people want to study more in English..! and for me all i can say is just what they do for?… i also want to study hard in English because i want to know more .. so that my tongue will fully speak in English to ..because someday i want to travel in Korea to get their a job that will be fit in my coures that i will get ..! goodluck for us i wish that people who send their comments i hope that you will learn to speak more..! thank you!!! and GodBless .
    have a good day to all….. st. bernard jud .. bisaya n bay..! .. ah im in4th yr. high school in private name CRRHS..

  331. zin zin on Sun, 12th May 2013 10:16
  332. Hi dear,
    I want to speak English fluently and good writing.

  333. lili on Thu, 16th May 2013 16:57
  334. hi,I really wish to speak a better english in front of people especialy native speaker

  335. sarita on Sat, 18th May 2013 11:19
  336. Hello , I am sarita from Nepal . I am a 43 years old women . I can not speak in English fluently so how can i speak fluent please help me .

  337. valentin on Sun, 19th May 2013 08:36
  338. hi
    this is a student who uses your system lessons
    my question is >>>
    Now I want to subscribe for VIP but I would have severals speakers, AJ for sure but I would listen to other people, men and women, native american speakers
    my big problem was I had difficult to understand Americans in USA where I go every year to visit my child in LA
    Now thanks to your method, it is better and better
    thanks for your help

    georges valentin

  339. Nesar ahmad on Wed, 22nd May 2013 06:28
  340. hi mr Aj
    i am nesar ahmad form Afghanistan pleas tell me how can i speak English faster ?

    […] the answer today’s question. To learn more about the Effortless English system, join our free email course at effortlessenglishclub.com bye […]

    […] a language will never be the same again once you have tried learning the Effortless English way. The aim of this program is to basically teach students how to learn, speak, listen, read and […]

    […] is another video lesson from Effortless English system about how you can make English practice with native speakers or is that really necassary? Watch […]

  341. shiva on Mon, 5th Aug 2013 04:38
  342. i am shiva from India my English is not good i want English be sick grammar learning me, and please give me mp 3 English lessons free download websites name please help me.

  343. admin on Wed, 7th Aug 2013 08:47
  344. Hi Shiva, you should look at our free download page to see some listening English mp3 courses.

  345. ibraheem on Mon, 12th Aug 2013 17:04
  346. hi
    I want learn how can speak English language like native speaker
    I wait you
    thanks in advance

    […] and listen every day. Will you do it every single day? Or will you miss some days? Will you follow Effortless English system exactly? And get faster results, or will you also still study text books and go to your English […]

  347. Balula on Wed, 18th Sep 2013 14:18
  348. Thank you sir for this wonderful program. I am new immigrant in Canada and taking currently the English classes. I can try this program for beter improvement.

  349. Amina G on Sat, 21st Sep 2013 01:31
  350. Please teach me English! I will follow Effortless English system exactly. Thank you!

  351. Amina G on Sat, 21st Sep 2013 01:35
  352. How can I join this program? I need to learn to speak better for work professionally.

  353. George on Sat, 21st Sep 2013 01:37
  354. Where can I download this program? I heard many good things about it. I would like to learn more professional speaking.

  355. admin on Mon, 23rd Sep 2013 09:17
  356. Hi, Amina G, just click here to join Effortless English program.

  357. admin on Mon, 23rd Sep 2013 09:18
  358. Hi George, in order to download this program, you should visit Effortless English web site.

  359. Kyaw Kyaw on Fri, 11th Apr 2014 10:08
  360. Hi
    Nice to meet you.I’m Kyaw Kyaw from Myanmar.I beginner study English Effortless English.I hope improve of my English Speaking together with learning Effortless English.Thank you so much for creation this lessons and then I like this so much.If I have mistake,forgave me.I had have study continue………

  361. admin on Fri, 11th Apr 2014 13:13
  362. Hi Kyaw, you are a great lerners. Never mind about making mistakes. Just keep listening English and use it.

  363. bashir ahmad shamshad on Sun, 13th Apr 2014 12:58
  364. Hi AJ Hoge nice to meet you.

  365. Alaa on Tue, 30th Dec 2014 10:01
  366. Hello,

    I will start with original english, but i have one questions, each set= 1 lesson, for exemple, a day for dead= 1 set?, a kiss=1 set…?, so we should study each lesson at least for 1 week? in total: 39 week at least?

    Thanks for your prompt response.

    Best regards,


  367. admin on Tue, 30th Dec 2014 21:47
  368. Hi Alaa, yes you are right. You should study each lesson set for one week. But it is important to answer the questions before A.J. confidently in the mini story lessons. Then you can start next lesson set in a shorter time. For example, if you answer the questions fast and easily in 4 or 5 days, you can study the next topic.

  369. Kati Svaby on Sun, 29th Mar 2015 21:40
  370. dates of webinars

    Hello, AJ.HOGE,

    I am very sorry for disturbing you, but I don’t understand why I am not invited for the webinars. As I wasn’t invited for the first one I have a feeling that I had got lost.

    I registered for your webinar one month ago, on 25th February. 2015. but before I received a free week so altogether I have been on your course since 18th February.

    Since I couldn’t participate only in two webinars. I waited for a notification or personal information about the first webinar, but I didn’t receive any one from the webinar organizer. I think that the most important rules – what you shared with the others – it happened on the first webinar.

    I couldn’t get to know how I could participate in the course. I wrote to the webinar organizer so I received an appointment for the second webinar. Then I thought, of course, that I didn’t ask again and again for the new dates and I believed that I would be notified about the webinars in the future.

    To my great surprise, I received this letter from you and I thought that you sent me because it was a newer webinar what about I hadn’t be informed.

    “24 Mar (5 days ago)
    Dear Lajosné,
    We hope you enjoyed our webinar.
    Here is the recording!
    Please send your questions, comments and feedback to:members@effortlessenglish.org.”

    Yesterday.I was at my laptop all day as I thought that our next webinar was going to be on every Saturday. Unfortunately.I was mistaken nobody looked for me.

    Though I could participate only in two webinars. Those webinars were very useful for me, and I felt their beneficiary effects. I could talk with my American grandson better as ever until now. I was very happy.

    I learn English in my old age for that I could communicate with my American grandchildren. Until now when I spoke to them on Skype I put up a poor show. Now I could speak for an hour about everything of what I was curious. I was very happy, lol, and I was looking forward to the next webinar.

    Please help me to participate in every webinar and please to send me a notification one day earlier, or if it is a big question tell me. please, the schedule of the webinars because I couldn’t connect if I don’t know the date.

    Best regards:

  371. Kati Svaby on Sun, 29th Mar 2015 21:51
  372. Hello, AJ.Hoge,

    I was forced to send this letter here as I sent to the address: members@effortlessenglish.org.
    and it was sent back. I tried several times but without result.
    Now that I have sent to this website I could immediately send my original letter as well.

    Kati Svaby

  373. srush on Wed, 1st Apr 2015 21:24
  374. hi mrs aj you made me love english your is very useful , i want to buy your program but i cannt because i have not credit card ,how can i get it and pay it is price, i am from kurdistan.

  375. admin on Sun, 5th Apr 2015 15:22
  376. Hi Kati, please send an email to members@effortlessenglish.org about it. They will help you soon.

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