Rule 2: Do Not Study Grammar

Effortless English Rule 2 is a very interesting principal and surprising also. But it is definitely true. If you want to speak English fluently you must stop studying grammar rules. Why? Watch below video by AJ Hoge of Effortless English and find out more.

Hi, this is A.J. Hoge again, the director of Effortless English. And today, we are going to learn about rule number two. Now, rule number two is a suprise for many people. Rule number two is simple. Do Not Study Grammar Rules. Do not do it.

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Now I know, this is a tough rule for some people. Because, most of your life, learning English, you have been told to learn grammar rules. In middle school, In high school, In university, In language school, everywhere in the world; grammar, grammar, grammar…  So, my first question to you is: Did it work? Was it successful?

If you are watching this video, you have studied english before in school, somewhere. And probably, you focused on grammar rules. So, my question is: Can you speak English easily, quickly and automatically right now? If the answers no, Why not? Because you have studied english for many years already. Why can’t you speak English quickly, easily and automatically, why not?

Well, it’s not your fault actually. The reason, the answer for most people is that you study grammar rules too much. You focused on,  grammar rules. Why? Because your teachers told you to.

Why is it bad to study grammar rules? Well because, when you study grammar rules, when you focus on grammar rules, you focus on analysing English. In other words, you think about English. You think about the past tense, the present tense, the future, the present perfect, the past perfect.

Now for writing English, that’s Okay. Why? Because when you write English you have time. You can go slowly. You can write very slowly, you can think about it, you can erase your misteke, it’s okay. You don’t need to write fast. But for speaking, there is no time. You do not have time to think about rules, the present perfect tense in English when you listening and speaking. There is no time. Someone asks you a question, you must answer immediately. You have no time to think about propositions, you have no time to think about verb tenses, possessives, all the stuff you learned, there is no time.

How do native speakers learn grammar? Well, I am a native English speaker and I can tell you, I never studied grammar rules. Not until high school. And we studied grammar rules for writing. In college native speakers study grammar rules again, why? For writing. But for speaking, we don’t. So how do we learn grammar rules? We learn through listening. Through hearing correct grammar again and again… a lot of correct grammar.

So the best way to learn english grammar is through imput. Another word, English coming in mostly through your ears. But reading is also okay but don’t read textbooks, don’t read grammar books. Just read easy English books, easy novels. But most of all listening. Now, in the next e-mails that you get, I will tell you exactly how to learn grammar and easy way and effortless way, without studiying rules.

So keep getting those e-mails. Reed the next e-mails, because in later e-mails I will tell you exactly how to learn English grammar so you can use it quickly and very fast when you are speaking. Not just writing. But for now, for today, the number two rule, i want you to remember that “Do Not Study Grammar Rules” If you focus on grammar rules it will hurt your speaking. Your speaking will more slowly, your understanding will be more slowly.

So if you have grammar books, throw away! Put in them in a trash, good bye grammar books. If you want, you can burn it. Burn them in a fire. Because, they are useless. They will not help you with your English speaking or your English learning or listening. So good bye grammar books. No more grammar rules yeaaa. That shoud make you happy. Okay, good enough. This is the second rule for learning to speak excellent english. Tomorrow you will get the next rule. Rule number three tomorrow. So, I hope you enjoy this e-mail course and these videos. And I will see you next time. Bye bye.

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28 Responses to “Rule 2: Do Not Study Grammar”

  1. kalpesh says:

    practical approach for speaking skill but school generally prepare for written exam

  2. Gulek says:

    Very useful advice! Thank you very much!
    I have studied English for 7 years at school and few more years at college. I was one of the best students in my class, I always got A. I thought my English was great. But when I went to America and spoke with native speakers I didn’t understand anything. Furthermore, I couldn’t reply. My native language is Russian and when I heard a question it took more too long to answer because I was translating the question and was answering in Russian (in my mind) then I had to translate it into English as well. so I couldn’t have any conversation with anybody. It took me a year to learn “Real English” with the help of native speakers.
    I’ve thrown away all my grammar books and old textbooks. Now I read stories, novels, articles, I watch movies with British, American actors and actresses, try to watch BBC and Euronews in English and talk to my English friends. I hope my English will get better.
    Schools need to prepare their students to a real life, out of the school they will meet real people and will face the real life but not written tests.
    Thank you

  3. zari says:

    dear advisor!
    thank you very much for your good advice.speaking in english has been my dream during last 7 years! but iv never succeded. your advice gave me hope and motivation. i think now its easier to learn spoken english. ofcourse im so stressful when i try to speak but im sure your advice can help me. thank you so much

  4. pratap says:

    i am very interest to speak in english,but while speaking time i made lots of mistake.please make me perfect.Thank you lot

  5. admin says:

    Hi pratap, don’t worry about making mistakes when you speak English. To speak excellent English you must listen easy and interesting English materials constantly. I highly recommed you to use Effortless English 7 rules when you study English. Also Effortless English lessons and Power English lessons are great for English speaking correctly and automatically.

  6. hoang says:

    Thanks for giving me the chance to try to speak fluently English. I came to your website through google and gonna learn after your method from today.

    Once again thanks

  7. Alistair Swanson says:

    Given your awful spelling, grammar and choice of words I find your authorative advice quite ironic.

  8. nawal says:

    i want to speak very well but i can’t use the grammen in good way

  9. admin says:

    Hi nawal, you can learn English grammar without study them. You should use Point of View mini stories to learn English grammar automatically. Click here to watch Effortless English 5. rule. AJ Hoge tells how to learn English grammar naturally and easily.

  10. Kazbek says:

    Thanks a lot for good advice

  11. Regina says:

    I’d like to know how much is the program

  12. Regina says:

    I’m interested but I don’t know how much it is…

  13. admin says:

    Hi Regina, the price is same and 97 usd for both Original Effortless English and Power English lessons.

  14. MAHYAR says:

    HI. Rule 2 is my love. in fact 7 rules are my love. but you know there are many many people who can not feel these rules . when i ask them please go to power english or effortless english website they are great those people just say to me what is different between NO and NOT!!!!! or tell me about English verbs!!!!and they are very shocked when i say i do not know and i do not want to know grammar rules they say ohoooooo its too bad. you MUST learn grammar!!!! your English is horrible !!!!!
    but i always say even i do not know my first language grammar but i speak fast and correct . so that is the same thing with English. we do not need to grammar. if we want to talk about english we should study. if we need to our phd thats fine but for speaking grammar does not help….
    best wishes

  15. admin says:

    Hi MAHYAR, thanks for your great comment. You encourage the learners who wants to speak English fluently.

  16. Chakmo says:

    i want to learn more from your side ~~thanks

  17. kumar says:

    hai i am kumar i had some problem in english i am so poover & next month i am going bangalur for doing bhm cros where i have to talk english thats why i need some help from u.

  18. philip bin otong says:

    i do speaking englis so me tow study.

  19. tandn says:

    Thank you very much. I can’t write a comment in youtube so I trace here :D. Thanks , wish you health for making more and more excellent videos. just awesome, actually.

  20. huong says:

    thanks u verry much

  21. Mohammed hassan says:

    thank you very very mach i will be learning English via grammar and more reading and more write and i will be easily for repeat write and read but you remember how to use grammar
    best wishes

  22. admin says:

    Hi Mohammed hassan, please watch this video for Effortless English rule number 5. In this video you will understand how to learn English grammar automatically (without sdudying grammar rules.) click here to watch AJ Hoge video.

  23. deepak says:

    hi i like sir i have a problem that i know english but cant speak fluently pls hlp me wt should i do

  24. admin says:

    Hi deepak, you should use Effortless English lessons to improve your English speaking. I highly recommend you to use listen and answer method so that you can speak English fluently and easily. Click here to watch the Effortless English rule number 7 video to learn much about it.

  25. bharathi says:

    hi dear it’s very powerful method after read this i did destroy grammer book ofcourse i was studing english via grammer till now no more improvement but now i realized because of rule 2 thank u aj love u….

  26. Donna says:

    It seems you are a great teacher of |English. I am learning grammar from y our training and I am already speaking better. Many friends are telling me I speak better.

  27. Kelum says:

    This is the real way to learn English

  28. admin says:

    Hi Kelum, yes that’s it. Thanks for your comments.

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