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Extra English Learning Tv Series Episode 7  The Twin.

Extra English is a tv series is very useful for English learners. In episode 7, Bridget’s twin sister emails to say that she is coming to visit. They agree not to tell Annie and the boys, so that they can have some fun. Hector is sympathising with Bridget: they both seem to have difficult mothers. Nick has got another TV job, this time as a doctor in a soap opera. He is determined to practise on Hector. Bridget’s twin sister arrives.

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  1. tarek on Wed, 1st Jan 2014 17:35
  2. hello

  3. autocadenglishman on Fri, 20th Jun 2014 15:08
  4. Episodes from 8 to 26 are missed!
    The video don’t exist!

    Can you do something?
    Thanks for your help…

  5. admin on Sat, 21st Jun 2014 21:05
  6. Yes these videos has deleted from youtube. I will update these episode from another video platform soon.

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