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A new sample video lesson for Rocket Vocabulary. Why is “Rocket Vocabulary” the fastest way to improve your Speaking English? Because, It’s more than just a book! Rocket Vocabulary is giving you real English video lessons with a native English teacher! These vocabulary videos will also improve your listening skills!

Unforgettable English video lessons. Our video classes are very funny and entertaining. This helps you to strongly remember the English vocabulary.

The Necessary English Vocabulary. Rocket Vocabulary teaches you English vocabulary from the list of 5000 most common words, phrases and expressions!

You can also look at Effortless English Rule 1. It is a very powerful vocabulary learning method. Learn English phrases, not individual words. So you will learn English vocabulary 3-4 times faster. Click here to watch video for Effortless English Rule 1.


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  1. mary on Fri, 31st Aug 2012 21:53
  2. thank u

  3. henna on Mon, 8th Jul 2013 12:54
  4. Iwant to learn fluent english with nce vocabulary but thre iz noone to speak wth me what should i do.. Send me some tips and lessons if u can sir….i will be thankfull to u…

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