English Class Lesson 04 Where Are You From

Hi friends, welcome to the 4. Lesson of EnglishClass101.com learning English video series. This is a very useful video series which improve English in a easy and fast way. Keep learning common question in English with English Class 101 video lessons. Watch belew video and learn common ways to ask “Where are you from?”

In this video English lesson, you’re going to learn some different ways people will ask you “Where are you from?”. First though, “Where are you from?” can mean many things. It can mean, what city are you from or what state are you from. In fact Americans asked this question to each other all the time to learn what part of America at the other person comes from.

Of chorus though, it can also mean what country are you from. If you want to answer this question, there are two ways to do it. You can say “I’m…” + your nationality. As in “I’m Japanese” or “I’m Brazilian” or you can say I’m from + the country you are from as in “I am from Italy”.

Many times though Americans won’t ask what country are you from or even where are you from and many has real situations they will stay in a simpler way where you from in English. This is just like Where are you from but they take out the are. Where you from. You can use this to in casual situations in English.

In this learning English lesson, we learned from different ways to ask where are you from. Do you know what to ask when you don’t know someone’s name of course you do. But what do you say when you have forgotten someone’s name. Find out next English lesson in three minutes by English Class 101.

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