Rule 1: Listen To Easy English Everyday

Rule number 1: Listen to English everyday. And listen to English that is spoken at a level that you understand well. I have been English teacher for a long time. And students often ask me what is the best way to improve my listening skills. They say, i can understand what i hear in English. I tell the students that they must choose to listen to English that they can understand well.

You shold be able to understand at least 60% of the words that you hear. Students often tell me that they watch English movies to improve their English. I asked them, do you watch with subtitles? Most of them say yes. And then i ask them, can you understand the movies without the subtitles? They often say no.

I say that is not a very affective way to improve listening skills in English. You must listen to English that you can understand about 60% of the words that are spoken. You will waste a lot of your learning English time. If you watch movies and read the subtitles. Listen to a native speaker of English speaking English at a speed you can understand.

Listen everyday English that uses words that you understand and that are spoken clearly enough so that you can hear what the speaker says.

You don’t have to listen for a logn time. But you must listen everyday. Listen to English for just 10 or 15 minutes everyday.  Research shows that listening for a short time everyday is much better and listening for a long time once a week it is not good to listen to English on Monday and then not listen until friday. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. You need to hear English everyday.

Listen whole realisticly by that i mean think about  the ideas that are being communicated, not just the words. Try to understand ideas that the speaker is saying. Listen to whole phrases and whole sentences for the meaning of what the speaker is saying.

Rule number 1 is listen to English that you understand easily everyday. You can download English stories at learnenglishenglish com and just listen to English for 15 minutes everyday. This is a way to learn to listen to English quickly and naturally. Remember to listen to English that you understand easily everyday. You will learn English naturally and quickly that way. Click here to learn more about Everyday English Course.

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