Rule 4: Think In English Don’t Traslate

Everyday English rule number 4: Think in English. Don’t translate the ideas in English, into your language. Use the English language that you know to understand English. If you train your mind, to understand ideas in English, you will learn natural English much quicker.

First try to use an English-English dictionary before you use a bilingual dictionary. All the words that you use to try to understand English, should be English. This will be easier to do if you follow rule number 1. Listen to English everyday that is easy to understand.

Choose to listen to language that you can understand at least 60% of what you listened. Don’t translate the words into your language. Keep thinking in English. Try to remember the language you already know. Think of English words that you know that have the idea that you are thinking about. Exercise your brain to remember the words, phrases and sentences.

When you practice rule number 2 you are understanding the music of English. And when you practice rule number 3, you are finding the words that you stored in your brain through repetition and you are recalling them or remembering them.

To speak English easily and naturally you must train your brain to think in English. Do not translate the ideas into your own language. Practice thinking in English. This will be difficult to do at first and you may think it is impossible.

You may say Joyce, i can not think in English. I must translate it into my own language. And I will say okay, i understand. I know it is difficult at the beginning. But you can make that a goal. You can tell yourself i will try to think in English as much as i can. And someday soon, i will not translate the words in my mind anymore. I will understand the ideas in my head in English.

Here is the encouragement. You know more than you did yesterday. You are preparing and studying. You will succeed.

The stories on the website, are designed to make you think in English. I will tell you a story. In the story, i will ask questions. You must answer the questions as quickly as you can. This will make you think in English. The questions will be very simple.

Here is an example: Anna went shopping at the mall yesterday. Did Anna go shopping the mall yesterday? And you say YES!.  Who went shopping the mall yesterday? And you say ANNA! When you answer the questions quickly in English, it makes your brain think in English naturally. You won’t translate into your own language with these easy questions. When i ask a question, you will answer outloud. Speak loudly and answer the questions quickly.

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