Watch Extra English Episode 8 Part-2 The Landlady’s Cousin

Watch Extra English Learning Series episode 8: The Landlady’s Cousin (part-2). Annie receives a notice asserting which the previous landlady is absent on getaway but her cousin Eunice will likely be in charge in the course of her absence. Every person assumes which the cousin will likely be just like negative. The women have acquired a fresh self-assembly shelving unit. As normal the guidelines are puzzling and it is rather challenging to assemble. Nick is named all the way down to meet up with the landlady’s cousin. On his return it really is clear that she’s not what he predicted.

It seems that she’s a glamorous man-eater and Nick is her 1st meal! They begin dating. Meanwhile Hector is decided to acquire collectively with Annie and it appears that enjoy is inside the air since they make an effort to assemble the shelves collectively.

Nick is acquiring desperate since Eunice is simply too significantly for him and he appeals to Bridget to aid. She does so by pretending to get in enjoy with him herself. This angers the cousin and raises Nick’s hopes but inside the stop it is just Hector and Annie that have a significant partnership. Extra English is a tv series which very helpful for English learners. Watch Extra English episode 8 (part-2) above video.

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