Watch Extra English Episode 8 Part-1

Extra English Learning Tv Series episode 8: The Landlady’s Cousin (part-1).

Annie gets a be aware saying the outdated landlady is absent on vacation but her cousin Eunice will probably be in cost throughout her absence. Everybody assumes the cousin will probably be equally as poor. The ladies have purchased a brand new self-assembly shelving device. As typical the directions are perplexing and it is extremely tough to assemble. Nick is known as right down to satisfy the landlady’s cousin. On his return it’s apparent that she’s not what he anticipated.

It seems that she’s a glamorous man-eater and Nick is her initial meal! They begin relationship. Meanwhile Hector is set to obtain with each other with Annie and it appears that adore is within the air because they attempt to assemble the shelves with each other.

Nick is obtaining desperate simply because Eunice is just too a lot for him and he appeals to Bridget to assist. She does so by pretending to become in adore with him herself. This angers the cousin and raises Nick’s hopes but within the finish it’s only Hector and Annie who’ve a severe connection. Extra English is a tv series is very useful for English learners. Watch Extra English episode 8 (part-1) above.

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