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Several years ago when I was teaching advanced-level English, I used to give my students the following information to help them get more out of their class. I thought I would share the same information with you if you are interested…


Speaking English consists of more than taking classes. Making a commitment to practice and use the language is the only way to become skillful. A constant effort of thinking in English will determine how fluent you become.

Follow these pointers for becoming great in the English language. Look at speaking English as a natural way of life. Many people think of English as a course like geometry. Problem solving becomes the major focus.

Unfortunately, there are too many variables in the pattern of this subject to try and learn in black and white. Start with learning basic rules and structure, but remember, English is an acquired skill. By practicing, changing, and listening, you will find the flow of speaking English become a part of your soul in how it manifests itself.

The language becomes unique to each person. It will become who you are. After a while, it will flow naturally. Never rely solely on a dictionary when you come across words you don’t understand. Concentrate on the whole language. Becoming proficient in little details will slow down your ability to feel English.

Instead of relying on a dictionary when encountering new words, try utilizing these steps:

1. Look at the entire phrase or sentence and concentrate on what type of meaning the new word has in relation to
the overall point. (learn English pharases, not individual words)

2. If you cannot see a relevant use for this word, ask someone for the meaning.

3. Next, go to an English-English dictionary* if you still cannot grasp the meaning.

4. Finally, as a last resort only, look the word up in your native language dictionary.

(*Professionals have indicated that students have a much higher rate of remembering words when they are led a paper dictionary to look up the meaning. Unlike electronic forms, the hard copy English-English dictionary will also provide a more in depth meaning plus examples of use.)

Keep notes of new phrases and words for reference. Being able to review new foreign words will help you remember faster. Once you have the pronunciation and sound perfected, use in sentences.

Try including what you have learned in your speech with others and use it in writing whenever appropriate. These words will soon become natural to you.

Let English engulf you. Treat speaking English as if it were your native language by reading books, listening to radio stations and watching television in the language.

Become part of your community by attending functions that are English speaking. Only by constantly surrounding yourself with something new will it become second nature. Learn to live and breathe English and it will become YOUR language.

To your success in English,

Sheri Summers

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