English Monkey Idioms

BBC Learning English. The Teacher Monkey idioms

In this lesson, The Teacher introduces you to three idiomatic phrases connected with monkeys.
1. To monkey around
2. Monkey business
3. To make a monkey out of someone

Hello, I’m a very interesting and intelligent man.
And today these baboons and I will be monkeying around to teach you a thing or two about
I bet you’ve never been taught by a monkey before.
We’ll be monkeying around.
Hmm, to monkey around… What do you think that could mean?
In English, ‘to monkey around’ means to behave in a silly or careless way. Pen!
To monkey around.
Like him. And me.
Anyway, down to some serious business. The English language.
What a wonderful thing… The language of Shakespeare, the language of…
Please stop talking, I’m trying to teach.
Where was I? … English, the language of …
Are you eating now?! Enough of this monkey business!
That’s right. In English, we can call bad or dishonest behaviour ‘monkey business’.
Monkey business.

Hello it’s me, the Teacher! I bet you didn’t recognise me for a minute.
What’s the matter? What do you mean I’m not taking this seriously?
I know you’re a hard-working student of English. Don’t worry, I’m not trying to make a
monkey out of you.
In English, if we’re trying to make someone look stupid we can say we’re making a monkey
out of them.
To make a monkey out of someone.
The only person round here I’m making a monkey out of is me.

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