Learning English Vocabulary Lesson 20 Taking a Road Trip

Learn English Vocabulary Video Lesson 20 -Taking a Road Trip

We are going to learn some english vocabulary. Take a look at below vocabulary list:

Taka a road trip: Travel a long distance by car (for fun, for a vacation, for work..)

Inevitable: (adjective) can’t be avoided, unavoidable

Typical: (adjective) usual or common

Vending Machine: automated device used for selling items (look at the Picture in video)

Picnic table: table which we arrange an outdoor meal, eat a meal outdoors (look at the Picture in video)

Delay: (noun) an event that forces you to wait

Beat: it beats sitting in traffic

Sit in traffic: being stuck in traffic (being on the road with too many cars)

Pack up: (phrasal verb)= gather all your things and prepare to leave.

Hit the road: begin traveling (by car)

Also you can learn English vocabulary faster by focusing phrases. Look at this: Rule 1: Learn English Phrases

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