Learning English Vocabulary Lesson 21 Teeth Idioms

Learn English Vocabulary Video Lesson’s Topic: Teeth idioms (common expressions related to teeth). Levels: intermediate to advanced. In this lesson these Idioms presented: have a sweet tooth, bite off more than you can chew, like pulling teeth.

Study Tip 1: Pay attention to the whole context. You can often guess the meaning of a new expression by listening to the whole conversation.

Study Tip 2: Try using at least  two different sources to get a clear understanding of a new expression. Sources may be dictionaries, textbooks, or other English speakers. By the way, listening is the most powerfull way of learning new vocabularies.

Learn English Teeth Idioms:

Have a sweet tooth: love sweet foods and confections

Bite off more than you can chew: have too much to do. Take on a bigger task than one is capable of completing

Like pulling teeth: something being difficult. Very difficult. (it is hard to get that person to agree to do what you want)

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