Vocabulary Lesson 3. Kitchen

English Lesson 3 – “Kitchen” – English Vocabulary.

Vocabulary for the advanced English language learner. Lesson 3 topic: Idioms and sayings about the kitchen.

When you think of the English word kitchen, what comes to mind? Probably the image of a small, cramped room with a range, oven, and cupboards. In reality, the kitchen can be quite spacious, with many different areas for cooking and eating.

One of the most important areas of the kitchen is the kitchen table. This is where the family eats their meals, and it’s usually quite large. There are usually several chairs around it, so everyone can sit comfortably.

Another important area of the kitchen is the fridge. This is where the family stores their food, and it’s usually quite big. There’s usually a freezer too, so the family can store food for later.

The kitchen also has several cupboards. These are where the family keeps their cooking supplies, such as pots and pans.

The kitchen also has a sink. This is where the family washes their dishes, and it’s usually quite large. There’s usually a washing machine too…

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