Achieving English Fluency Strategy 3: Motivation and Mindset

In Lisa’s previous posts, she shared the first two strategies for learning English: Immersion and Repetition. Listening and repeating the language you are learning is important. Her third strategy focuses on why you want to learn English and the best mindset to achieve that goal.

motivationThe first part of Lisa’s third strategy is motivation. Often, when people are learning a new language, they are doing so as a school or job requirement and have no intrinsic (your own rather than someone else’s) reason to learn that language. This makes it harder to gain language fluency because it is a chore (or a job) rather than a desire. The first part of Lisa’s third strategy has to do with thinking of a good reason YOU want to learn English.

The second part of Lisa’s third strategy is all about having a growth mindset. Most people feel that those with the talent to do something better than others are born with it. This leads us to believe that there is a limit to what we can achieve and makes us easily frustrated, or upset while learning new things.

Motivation For Learning English

This is called having a fixed mindset – believing you can only change so much about yourself and that you should even try to push yourself. In the book, “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success” psychologist Carol Dweck discusses the idea of a growth mindset. This is the idea that if you work hard enough, you can build your level of new skills and talents. This is the heart of Lisa’s third strategy belief – that you can achieve and learn anything you want as long as you persevere (don’t give up) and work hard towards any goal you wish.

With this motivation and mindset, you can now take on the challenge of achieving English fluency with the aid of all the amazing materials at Lisa’s success with stories lessons by the English Fluency Now website, available at today. Click the below link to download your free listening English lesson.

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You can speak English fluently by following these powerful strategies and I highly recommend you to use Success With Stories course to improve your listening and speaking skills so fast. Do not read textbooks and not study grammar rules. All you need to do is to listen to interesting mini-stories and answer the easy questions out loud. So you will learn English speaking to make speaking practice with these lessons.

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