Rule 5: Learn English Idioms And Phrases

It is very important to learn English idioms to understand native speakers and be able to speak English fluently. Because there are lots of phrasal verbs and idioms in English and they have different meanings.

So you should learn real English with many idioms, slang and phrases. Watch below video from Everyday English course rule 5 by Joyce Martens. In this video English lesson you will find out importance of learning English idioms.

Learn English Idioms And Phrases

Everyday English course rule number 5: Understand that the English language uses many idioms. These expressions only have meaning when you understand them as whole complete phrases. The individual words do not meen what the dictionary says they mean in those phrases.

They have their own meaning when they are used as idioms. And idiom is a group of the words that has a new meaning. Different than the seperate words have individually.

For example, “my leg is killing me”. What happened. I fell donw the stairs. I hurt my leg. My leg is killing me. You say this when a part of your body hurts very very much. It doesn’t mean anybody’s been killed Learning English.

Or another example, “Get cold feet”. I have got cold feet about starting my new job. I am thinking of telling them to find someone else. To get cold feet means to get so nervous about starting something new that you think about not doing it.

Or another example, “deep down”. Look at how they are all sitting there smiling at each other. But deep down, they really don’t like each other. Deep down means, deep in your heart. Your true feelings.

English speakers use many many idioms. And you must learn to recognize them. And to learn the meaning. These are very important expressions in English language. And you will never sound natural or fluent until you learn to use these phrases correctly and intuitively.

Many of these expressions are connected to English culture and values. And so understanding idioms will give you insight into the culture of English speakers.

Learning English Idioms Course


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