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I mentioned before about my review for Success With Stories Course by Lisa Biskup. And I told you that there are very powerful 7 strategies for English Fluency. You can improve your English speaking very fast using with these strategies. But it is important to use them after you learn.

The first strategy is one of the most important method for English speaking. That is to immerse yourself in the English language by listening. One of the most important things you can do to begin improving your English language skills today is to completely immerse yourself in the language. How do you do that?

Listen, Listen & Listen!

Listening is the most important and easiest thing you can do to improve your spoken English. By listening to English spoken by native speakers as much as possible throughout the day. For best results, Iʼd recommend at least one to three hours per day, and more if you can. Why is listening so important?

Because we learn languages with our EARS.

Okay, how did you learn your first language, your mother tongue, as they say? When you were a little baby, you probably spent at least the first year of your life just listening. You listened to your parents speak to each other, to others, and to you. You probably heard the TV or the music while in the car. Just think about it, you spent the entire first year of your life listening to the sounds of your language, spoken by many different people.

To learn more about this strategy, click below link to download your free mp3+pdf lesson. Listen the mp3 lesson several times to master it. Remember, repetation is the most important thing to understand English instantly and speak it fluently. You can also read pdt text while you are listening.


Download Mp3 Listening Lesson with pdf text!


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  1. saroj on Fri, 28th Nov 2014 14:30
  2. Can i speak english

  3. amar tripathi on Thu, 18th Dec 2014 15:09
  4. Thanks for audio file

  5. admin on Fri, 19th Dec 2014 12:11
  6. You are welcome Amar, I hope it helps you to improve your English listeing and speaking.

  7. Gantuya on Tue, 30th Dec 2014 01:39
  8. I am going to buy power english. So i want to know name of the 1st. 2nd topic. Is it posible? Thanks

  9. admin on Tue, 30th Dec 2014 21:42
  10. Hi Gantuya, Power English course‘s first topic’s name is intro and 2nd topic is Emotional Mastery.

  11. linh on Thu, 1st Jan 2015 08:42
  12. Why i can’t open file?

  13. admin on Sun, 4th Jan 2015 16:17
  14. Hi Linh, in order to make group the lessons we archived them with winrar program. After you download the file you should install winzip to open lessons. Use this link: http://uberdownloads.com/7-zip.html to install the required software free.

  15. Amon Monteiro on Wed, 25th Feb 2015 05:44
  16. thank for your helping,,,,,,I really,,,,,enjoy.

  17. thiyagarajan on Fri, 27th Feb 2015 12:39
  18. Very nice

  19. arslan asif on Wed, 3rd Jun 2015 07:03
  20. thanx i want to learn more

  21. arslan asif on Wed, 3rd Jun 2015 07:05
  22. plz heip me

  23. isura on Thu, 9th Jul 2015 15:16
  24. thanks help me more

  25. noroharilala on Fri, 10th Jul 2015 10:29
  26. thanks to help me

  27. Lindie on Fri, 2nd Oct 2015 20:12
  28. Hi im trying to dawnload but it unsuccessful,it written dawnload is unsupported,what is the problem is it my phone or memorycard but it can dawnload othdr things except this kns ,lls belp me

  29. Adan on Sat, 3rd Oct 2015 16:31
  30. Thank you for your kindness to help us how to learn this language even the trick is so adorable to every language not only this language, recently i started listening video lessons, watching TVs speak enlish, and even watch movies as well, first thanks given be to Allah, then those who dedicated their valuable time and energy.
    but i am still fed up with understanding all English movies although i understand majority of the movies i feel tremendous improvement and i will keep going till i reach my goal by doing patient and efforts and i hope so for others who are English learners.
    please can i have the previous video lessons?

    Best regards

  31. admin on Mon, 5th Oct 2015 13:08
  32. Hi Lindie, I think this is about your phone. Try to download this free English listening lesson on your computer. Then you can put them into you phone from the computer.

  33. conah on Sat, 10th Oct 2015 17:32
  34. Hey I ca n’t open file . Please help

  35. Sorokhaibam Jivan Singh on Tue, 27th Oct 2015 09:31
  36. Thanks! for your help. Thank you very much. Please help me further.

  37. kh mhamad on Sat, 28th Nov 2015 22:09
  38. Thanx Mr AJ a love your useful lessons .

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