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Learning English idioms with the really funny teacher from BBC Learning English. In this English idioms video lesson, we are going to learn English idioms related to birds.

In this episode, The Teacher introduces you to three idiomatic phrases connected with birds. Learning English idioms must be fun.

  1. Birdbrain
  2. To have a bird’s eye view
  3. A little bird told me

Hello, I’m a very interesting and intelligent man. And today I’m getting together with some of my feathered friends to teach you a thing or two about English idioms. I bet you’ve never been never been taught by a bird before.

You might think that birds are not very clever and so not very good teachers – and you’re right! I mean look at them. Their heads are tiny. And a tiny head means a tiny brain. So in English we call someone isn’t very bright ‘birdbrain’.

‘Birdbrain’ – something I’ve never been called. Another thing you may have noticed about birds is that they can fly, which is very clever considering they are birdbrains. Now imagine the view a bird can get when it’s flying. Here’s a bird high in the sky and here’s the ground. Marvellous. They can see everything.

So, come on, what do you think the idiom ‘to have a bird’s eye view’ means? That’s right, it means to be able to see very clearly from a high place. What’s that you say? Ah, really, is that right, hmm…

I’ve got some very interesting information. Would you like to know who told me? Well didn’t you see? A little bird told me. I can use this idiom when I want to give you some information but I don’t want you to know who told me. A… little… bird… told… me… some very interesting information about…You!

Download this English idiom video lesson: click here to download video. (right click and save as)

Learning English Idioms

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