Learn English Vocabulary 03

Learn English Vocabulary with Rocket English Video Lessons. Learn English vocabulary and Phrasal Verbs: Native English speakers use phrasal verbs when they speak. In fact Phrasal verbs are very common in social and business English. Phrasal verbs give people the power to express complicated ideas with just a few words. If you want to speak English, then you will need Phrasal Verbs! Yes, you can learn hundreds of phrasal verbs with Rocket Vocabulary.

English vocabulary learning for social+business situations and for tests such as: —TOEFL, TOEIC, and IELTS.

* The required grammar to use the vocabulary accurately and properly.
* The correct pronunciation of each word and expression.
* Your listening skills will improve by watching our classes

Learn The Necessary English Vocabulary. Rocket Vocabulary teaches you English vocabulary from the list of 5000 most common words, phrases and expressions!

I highly recommed you to look at Effortless English Rule 1. It is a very powerful vocabulary learning method. Learn English phrases, not individual words. So you will learn English vocabulary 3-4 times faster. Click here to watch video for Effortless English Rule 1.

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