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British English vs. American English Vocabulary

Watch above English video lesson from Espresso English learing series. This is a story about the daily life of New York nate who lives in the USA and London Loura who lives in England. They have similar live but the vocabulary they use are very different. So there are many different words for the same things in the American English and British English. You don’t have to use all of them but you need to understand when you hear them. This is a very useful video which helps you to learn the differens between these two everyday English lifes. Espress
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English Vocabulary Describing Persons Appearance

Here is another useful vocabulary lesson from Espress English Video series. In this lesson we will learn and review vocabulary for describing a person’s appearance. You will learn most common words in English. Watch above video an enjoy it. Espress English offers many programs which are very practical and easy to learn English. If you are interested in learning English easily and improve your English skills for example vocabulary, idioms, speaking and listening, business English, grammer and much more topics. Click here to download your free e-books!

Learn English Vocabulary Problems and Defects

This is free and very useful English learning video series from Espresso English Course. In this lesson you can learn English vocabulary with pictures about the topic of Problems and Defects. By watching above video, you will see the pictures about the words you want to learn. And you will listen the explanations the words and also you will hear the pronunciation of the words. So this is very powerful methot to learn English vocabulary with an easy and quic way. In this lesson, we will learn vocabulary below: scratched cracked smashed torn / ripped crumpled stained chipped dented bent
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Learn English Words With Ultimate Vocabulary

Ultimate Vocabulary is a quality resource for those who want to learn English. The software provides a number of learning tactics that individuals can use to learn English words and phrases and retain the information, and  is designed to help learners learn the words that are specific to his/her needs. Ultimate Vocabulary promises that individuals who use the program only have to spend 10 minutes a day learning English for 30 days in order to build up a substantial vocabulary and feel much more comfortable speaking English. If the customer is not completely satisfied with this English vocabulary builder, the
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The Ultimate Vocabulary Builder

The ultimate vocabulary builder is an application meant to assist an individual to learn English vocabulary quickly and much easily. It is an application intended to boost ones career through improving their vocabulary. Through offering examples, images, fifty usages and much more, the Ultimate Vocabulary builder makes learning English vocabulary fun, easy and fun. In turn, this makes remembering very easy. The English vocabulary builder allows the individual to access over 142,647 words from its database. With the help of over 23 world leading vocabulary experts, the Ultimate Vocabulary has developed 193 lists that have been tailored to suit the
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