Mistakes And English Conversations

Are you afraid of making mistakes or have you ever made a mistake while speaking in English? If I were you, I would make more mistakes and learn through them. Author Criss Jami in his book; Every Inch in Every Mile says; “Everyone has their own ways of communication. I believe we have a lot to say, but finding ways to say it is more than half the battle.”

We all make mistake while speaking in English, native speakers inclusive! If you are learning English as your second language then worry not, make more mistakes and learn through them but don’t make the same mistake you made previously. When you learn through the mistakes you make during your conversations, you will become more capable and confident speaker. That is the most important thing!

Speak English And Make Mistakes

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You should always feel proud in every attempt you make to speak English. It is not time to worry about the grammatical mistakes you make but time to learn through them to make a confident English speaker. At same point you might want to give your English teacher a compliment after class and you find yourself saying, “Sir you teach Biology good.”

That is the courage needed to move to the next level in English conversations.

English conversationsThen your teacher says; “You think I teach Biology well? Thank you.”  Ah, then you learn that you should not use “good” to describe a verb. Instead you should use “well” to describe a verb. Then next time you take this into consideration in your conversation. Go on and make more mistakes and learn from them to be just like that native speaker you admire well speaking.

Many non-native English speakers seen obsessed on perfecting their English, and become frustrated while making mistakes and spend a lot of time well trying to correct those mistakes. At same point in life we encounter shame and embarrassment, but you should always know at the back of your mind that making mistakes is okay nonetheless never miss take.

However, we should learn on how to turn these moments into opportunity for learning, friendship and maybe even humor. This will require you to master a little bit of skills. Go out there and make more mistakes!

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