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download-english-mp3-pdf-lessonsYou can find very useful english learning materials in this page. You can download English lessons in your computer and improve your English by listening them.

Remember, we are updating our website regularly and we will continue to share great English stuffs with you. Study theese English lessons and be relax. You will speak english fluently soon.

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Effortless English mp3 samples and podcast lessons:

Download The Race Lesson Set (including a mini story and pov lesson and text)

Effortless English 7 Rules (including free mp3 listening lessons)

Download English Listening Mp3 (Top 5 English Learning Problems)

Download English Listening Lesson (You Need Emotion To Learn English Fast)

Download English Mp3 Lesson (Learn English Passionately)

Download Mp3 Lesson (How To Learn English Super Fast)

Download Free e-book (powerful english speaking pdf)

Download Mp3 Lesson (MP3 English Lessons Are More Relaxing )

Download Free Report “English Trauma” (mp3 & pdf)

Download Mp3 Lesson (The Best Investment)

Download Hitch Lesson Set

Download Mp3 Lesson (Learn English Intensely)

Download Mp3: Learning-english-methods-psychology

Download English Listening Lesson (Validation)

Download Mp3 Lesson (Learn English Mastery Formula)

Download Storytelling mp3 Lesson Set

How To Download Effortless English Lessons

Download English mp3 lesson (English Conversation Needs)


English Fluency Now Lessons:


Learn Real English Conversations

LRE Rule 1: First step to speak English fluently



Deep English Course Listening and Speaking mp3 lessons:

Deep English Download Listening Mp3 Stories

Deep English Download Mp3 Speaking Lessons

Deep English Day 5: Use Your Imagination(mp3 active listening lesson pack)

Day 6: Variety And Repeating Are Very Important

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46 Comments on Free Download

  1. hossein ali on Thu, 6th Feb 2014 18:20
  2. I Ned English stories Mp3

  3. admin on Thu, 6th Feb 2014 22:16
  4. Hi hossein ali, you can download mp3 English stories above links. And we will continue to share free English stories mp3 lessons next.

  5. brad sampang on Wed, 26th Feb 2014 05:44
  6. English to me is what water is for a dehydrated traveler

  7. admin on Wed, 26th Feb 2014 13:50
  8. Hi Brad, I loved your comment so much. It is just like a famous quote. Keep holding your passion for English. You will succeed everything you want.

  9. aida on Sun, 2nd Mar 2014 19:19
  10. How can i learn British accent?

  11. admin on Mon, 3rd Mar 2014 12:44
  12. Hi Aida, you should find and listen British English listening materials. The more you listen them, better British accent you will gain. You can look at BBC learning English website to find some useful listening lessons.

  13. jerel on Wed, 5th Mar 2014 21:24
  14. hi admin.. can you tell how longer it will take to make a person become fluent in english? like me I’m not a beginer but I’m not fluently in english and hard to speak in english..Can you please give me some advice…. thanks a lot….. Hope you read this….

  15. admin on Thu, 6th Mar 2014 21:49
  16. Hi Jerel, this is a very common question and we shared a video lesson as an answer. Well, How long to speak fluent English? But of course it’s impossible to give an exact number because everyone is different. It depends how much will you study and learn English and listen every day. Will you do it every single day? Or will you miss some days? Click here to watch this video about your question.

  17. ashish parashar on Fri, 25th Apr 2014 06:59
  18. i need to download point of view mini stories and listen and answer mini stories mp3. please share, where can i get

  19. admin on Fri, 25th Apr 2014 08:23
  20. Hi Ashish Parashar, you can download above listed mp3 audio lessons for free. A few of them contains listen and answer mp3 mini stories and point of view stories. If you want to have complete sets of these kind of lessons, you can get the Power English listening and speaking course.

  21. Amit on Tue, 29th Apr 2014 10:38
  22. search on Google “effortlessEnglish page”
    then you will get a website for audio download.
    I found so many lessons there

  23. Amit on Tue, 29th Apr 2014 10:45
  24. I’m learning spoken English at ‘Ramkrisna mission institute of culture’ ,India. I completed Pre-Beginners cource there. I’m also following ‘Effortless English’ lessons.
    is it good to follow both?

  25. admin on Tue, 29th Apr 2014 11:28
  26. Hi Amit, you can follow both ot them. Good luck, bye.

  27. gulnora on Wed, 30th Apr 2014 10:54
  28. my english is ok but not perfect

  29. admin on Wed, 30th Apr 2014 13:37
  30. Hi Gulnora, don’t try to be perfect. Just listen easy and enjoyable English materials. Listening English is the most important thing you can do to improve English speaking. Listen, read and practice alot. Enjoy the learning process.

  31. sadanand on Thu, 5th Jun 2014 14:59
  32. hi, master
    you are really a great man, I’m from India. I’m listening your recording again and again, I feel that I’m improving but not so faster, I want to become professional speaker like native speaker, I’m really interest to learn English, please give me some tips, I want to listen some stories, plz send me the link of your stories.
    Thanks a lot :-)

  33. admin on Fri, 6th Jun 2014 18:28
  34. Hi Sadanand, you can improve your English speaking with the Effortless English system. Watch AJ Hoge’s videos to find out tips for learning English fast and easily, also speak English fluently.

  35. nen on Wed, 11th Jun 2014 08:35
  36. hey, good day. Just wanna ask if there’s a free downloadable mp3 for movies? I guess the movie lessons is the term for that. Thanks.
    Been listening to your free mp3s Mr. Hoge. It does a great improvement. Thanks a bunch. Looking forward for more frees. .

    I am nen from the Philippines.

  37. admin on Wed, 11th Jun 2014 16:46
  38. Hi nen, we shared a few movies and Extra English tv series on our Power English website before. You can not download them but can watch them here: Extra English Episode 1

  39. nen on Thu, 12th Jun 2014 05:41
  40. i just found out about this site recently. I should’ve worked on this before.
    But thanks admin for letting me know. Unfortunately, i have no personal computer at home and i am only using a mobile phone. Too bad it does not support online video watching. Thanks :)

  41. Nasir ali khan on Wed, 25th Jun 2014 14:45
  42. larning english

  43. Nasir ali khan on Wed, 25th Jun 2014 14:52
  44. hi, master
    you are really a great man, I’m from pakistan. I’m listening your recording again and again, I feel that I’m improving but not so faster, I want to become professional speaker like native speaker, I’m really interest to learn English, please give me some tips, I want to listen some stories, plz send me the link of your stories.
    Thanks a lot :-)

  45. admin on Thu, 26th Jun 2014 08:03
  46. Hi Nasir, Your passion is great, so you will speak English fluently soon. You can use the new Power English course to improve English speaking. This is the best listening course which AJ Hoge made.

  47. JadugarAmit on Sun, 13th Jul 2014 16:04
  48. friends plz plz plz join my fb group “We R cOOl English learners”.
    I did not found a any proper chat room so
    I created that group to chat with everyone so plz join it. :)

  49. basit on Thu, 4th Sep 2014 20:45
  50. English

  51. Shah Hussain on Tue, 16th Sep 2014 09:49
  52. wat to improve my English

  53. Sabbir on Sun, 9th Nov 2014 03:06
  54. I want to be a good speaker. So i am trying to follow your comments. and i think i have need to listen more and more. Honestly this site is incredible, i think. so pls one question for you that how can i get free listen history? could you tell me?

  55. nomgcibelo on Tue, 30th Dec 2014 20:03
  56. Hi my English is very poor,I can’t speak,write even listing what must do plz help,this thing is killing me.

  57. nomgcibelo on Tue, 30th Dec 2014 20:09
  58. Hi my english is poor I can’t speak,write even listing,help me what must suppose to do.

  59. admin on Tue, 30th Dec 2014 21:50
  60. Hi nomgcibelo, you should listen easy and interesting lessons again and again everyday. You will improve your English soon.

  61. abubaker on Thu, 12th Feb 2015 11:09
  62. english speaking

  63. Vinoth on Sat, 28th Feb 2015 18:54
  64. Hi l wouid like to speak fluently in english

  65. Vinoth on Sat, 28th Feb 2015 18:59
  66. Need english conversation

  67. moji on Thu, 5th Mar 2015 08:03
  68. its good

  69. chatimdaniel on Thu, 12th Mar 2015 06:38
  70. I desire the different between who and whose?

  71. hafsa on Tue, 24th Mar 2015 06:23
  72. I want my English speaking improved. I want that I learn to use English in Urdu speaking

  73. SHEETAL GUPTA on Sun, 29th Mar 2015 15:33
  74. …i don’t know

  75. lovepreet toor on Mon, 20th Apr 2015 08:48
  76. I want my english speaking imporoved .from fylfot

  77. alisha thapa on Mon, 15th Jun 2015 07:20
  78. my fren is uneducated ,he wants to speak english sothat he requested me to teach english, but i m confused how to start, what i will teach him first of all…suggest me

  79. PRAMOD RAGHAV on Wed, 1st Jul 2015 13:38
  80. I wants to learn english how to improve my english can you help me

  81. Yagya Paneru on Sun, 5th Jul 2015 02:27
  82. I want learn English

  83. dhiraj kumar on Fri, 21st Aug 2015 12:25
  84. my english is good ,but not speek

  85. admin on Fri, 21st Aug 2015 13:18
  86. Hi dhiraj, you should listen and speak everyday to improve your English speaking skills.

  87. Hasan Mujtaba on Sun, 4th Oct 2015 17:01
  88. Hello admin.. ….i m good in grammar still i m not fluent and while speaking i do grammatical mistakes. …so could you please give me some tips so that I could speak correct grammar with fluency..

  89. htoi naw on Tue, 20th Oct 2015 09:53
  90. How great! Every english learner must start your study of English with effortless english lessons.

  91. Majid on Mon, 26th Oct 2015 05:25
  92. I love Englaish

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